Wednesday, July 28, 2010

summer snaps copenhagen

(when not wearing) shoe per diem july 26, 2010
Do note the very happy and excited blue toe while crossing the Öresund bridge

And as the perfect round-off to this year's summer holiday - the part that doesn't take place as a staycation that is - a few days in Copenhagen - because what would a summer be without some days in Copenhagen? Bah, nothing - some snaps to go ~

sweet bug in copenhagen

So the Danes not only have excellent taste in design,

there's proof of taste in cars too.
My favourite car spotted as we're entering the city.

Another lovely dinner at sweet Thé à la Menthe,

vegetarian samosas and delicious Moroccan spiced salads.

outside thé a la menthe

shopping bag handler

It's good to have your own personal shopping bag handler,
when the carrying gets too tough (last sales and all that).

For some reason this shop sign always makes me feel quite at home.

shoe per diem july 27, 2010

A great shoe per diem moment -
(of which there most certainly will be a proper post later).

I think this was a clever ad for a Danish
summer film festival of some sort,

Never did sample this ice cream,
despite them claiming they had
the best one in the whole of Copenhagen.
Loved their colourful, happy looking
seating arrangement though.

baresso ice latte in copenhagen

What began with an ice latte, ended with one.
Bye, bye Copenhagen, we'll be back...


heidikins said...

Sigh. So lovely.


Pia K said...

thank you, heidikins, oh i know...sigh:)

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