Wednesday, July 07, 2010

shoe per diem

shoe per diem july 6 2010

There's a group on Flickr called Shoe Per Diem
, eventually I joined.

Even though I wouldn't say I'm addicted to shoes -
really - I do enjoy a good pair. These days mostly because they have to be really comfy, up for long walks without giving sore feet and be the source of blisters, at the same time they certainly need to look quirky good. Since it's actually not too often one stumble over those to features in one shoe I'm always looking for shoes that offer both. Definitely not always buying, but yes looking. And drooling. And wishing. And hoping.

Because shoes that are good to feet are essential.

The purpose for Shoes Per Diem has been summarized like this; "we wear the same shoes for long periods of time depending on the season and current obsessions, but the idea here is to catalog time so at the end of the year we can look back and see where our shoes took us." Which I find an appealing idea.

And no, I most certainly do not belong to the clique who believes group is a great excuse to buy new shoes, no, no. I like lists and cataloguing, I like taking quirky snaps, I like shoes and that's that. Yup.

Shoe Per Diem exists
as a blog too, I've never posted on it since I'm quite satisfied with just adding my own odd photo to the Flickr group now and then. Yes, because another good thing about the group is that you really don't need to post a shoe photo every day, once a week or on special occasions is alright also. Besides, all days, no matter how good the shoes are just aren't worth commemorating in shoe snap.

What one can safely say about my Shoes Per Diem is that the difference between what I wear at home and what I wear when out and about, it is miles and miles apart. In-house most always these brilliantly comfy extremely shabby full of holes old Birkenstock slippers. I do believe they turn 10 years come autumn and back then it took quite a while before my feet got accustomed to their orthopedic soles. Once they did, they kind of got glued to feet as soon as I was inside my own home. Come summer come winter.

I suppose I should get looking for another pair before these fall totally apart (the holes a b.i.g even if not all visible in photo) but it is kind of sad and I keep putting it off. Because I do heart my beloved shabby grey wool gnome shoe pair.

shoe per diem july 7, 2010

Only eight members so far, found here and there on the planet, more members welcome, for information how to join check out the group.


heidikins said...

Yay for Shoe Per Diem! :)


Pia K said...

indeed, heidikins!

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