Saturday, July 17, 2010

a going-on-holiday wee grump

As it seemed to work to whine a bit in blog about tonsillitis/bronchitis/sinusitis a while back and reasonably presto I felt better, I think I'll go whine a tad again.

Just when we're about to dash off on holidays my tooth or rather right jaw problem has become worse. I do believe it's a tension related thing - being one of this and that stress-related issues I've had for years, but have learnt to deal with through relaxation and good thoughts. It has become worse again this year though. So I think I'm entitled to a bit of whining. Really -

thus I'm so not fancying seeing an emergency dentist (my usual dentist is on holiday and I do have the annual check-up appointment in late August anyway) or doctor for it, so I'm hoping some jaw exercises and trying not to bite on crunchy chewy stuff will make it manageable.

Eating liquids would probably be the best, but really, I can't see myself doing that for a longer period of time. On holidays. Such a sigh worthy annoyance that it had to peek just when we're off. So now I simply hope it will get better or at least not put a too major damp on the vacation. And that whine in blog will make the jaw, the tooth, the pain see sense and realize how silly it is to try and ruin a much deserved break.

going on holiday-kit

For the upcoming travel - that will be mostly by car and a bit by boat - I got this essential (according to M) going-on-holiday-kit. For all non-Swedish versed it contains as follow - elderflower juice, crossword mag, cow pic to look at when unhappy or bored, soft toy duck, chocolate and most important of all; ta-da, anti-whining pills. Needless to say I do beg to differ on at least one of those items. But admittedly, despite jaw-ache, getting the kit made me giggle a bit. Just a tad though.

Now off to pack a scantly larger suitcase me thinks.


Kea said...

Lots of good vibes to you, that you feel better! I love that going-on-holiday kit. Perfect! Have fun!

Poppy Q said...

Sister if you are in pain you better have lots to drink on your holiday!!!

I got me some El clogs in the purple lilac, I think you have shoes in the same colour. However at size 39 I think they are a little small for me. Would they fit you?

I love the whole El range, but they are truly difficult to buy here in the Pacific so am always looking out on Amazon and Ebay for more.

Have a great holiday, I look forward to seeing your snapshots when you return.

Julie Q

Pia K said...

thank you, kea, for good wishes!

ha, ha, lots of drink it will be (for the pain and the heat i suppose), julie.

oh no, too small clogs, i usually have size 40 but for the iggdrasil model i have to go up a size to 41 (but 40,5 would be perfect if they existed) so unfortunately a pair of 39 wouldn't fit me:/ maybe you can try and get them slightly re-sized at the shoemaker? they also tend to adjust really well to foot, they are quite roomy in style.

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