Thursday, July 08, 2010

two perky chairs

Venting in blog seems to do a lot of good for health, the miserable days I experienced recently actually (touch wood, as usual) petered out. And thank goodness I avoided going to the doctors-without-much-competence. For that I am grateful beyond words.

So now will finally follow the answer to whatever-did-I-do-with-the-fabtastic-fabric show in that not so perky post ~


There once was a very boring looking chair - well, in the beginning there were actually six of them at our once-upon-a-time-country-cottage, when the cottage was sold the chairs were scattered and two of them ended up with me. I never did like their colour or that horrific seat cover and vowed one day to make them both look better.


One chair got the same turquoise treatment as the stool.


The other one was blessed with apple green.

I should probably have de-coloured or de-varnished the chairs and not only sandpapered and washed them before I begun the repainting procedure. Because it took a whole lot of coats. And yet the varnish was of such good quality (unfortunately for my plans) the paint didn't covered the chairs in such a comprehensive manner as one would have liked and thought.

On the other hand the colours show a bit of personality and spiritedness like this. And with the fantastic fabric - which I stumbled over at IKEA of all places I rarely visit - I re-dressed the seats with - the well-made even personalized seats that had been carefully tacked with a whole lot of tiny, stubborn nails -they do show a whole lot guts I think.


The only problem in a multi-felined household is that the new seats most certainly will draw unwanted claw-attention. So they do sadly have to be covered with something more durable most of the time, as I plan to have the standing in all their perkiness in living room. I do believe they do deserve front seats and a whole lot of attention after all these drab, brown, insignificant years.



heidikins said...

Um, love. Love love love.


Kea said...

Oh, fabulous! Brilliant! I love them!

Kudos for a terrific job. My favourite of the two is the apple green-painted one, simply because I'm partial to apple/pear and sage greens.

I see so many bloggers doing these fabulous things and I think, "Hmm, maybe I could try that," yet somehow I never seem to get around to it.

But I enjoy being inspired--at least in my daydreams--nonetheless!

Wendy said...


Erica said...

I think perhaps your calling in life is to find sad, unloved furniture and to give them new faces and new homes? You are so talented at this!


Mama Feline said...

That is true talent and wow wow wow

Poppy Q said...

Sweetie - good job Miss P. Your chairs look lovely.

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