Thursday, July 29, 2010

the long way home snaps

walking the streets of copenhagen

From Berlin, to Stralsund, to Rügen, to walking the streets of Copenhagen, here are a few snaps from the long drive home ~

crossing the öresund bridge

Crossing the Öresund bridge and possibly not being as excited when going in the other direction. Still returning home does have its undeniable pleasures.

skåne field

Back in Sweden, Skåne-Scania field

bunny rescue

At a pee-stop a daring fox rescue squad - teddybear sanctuary rescue took place. Note the desperately grateful face of one happy bunny (now settled in the company of friends at squad's HQ) found discarded on toilet.

starter salad at vida vättern

Dinner stop was of course Vida Vättern, where they serve a more than decent plate of carrot medallions with potato wedges for us hungry vegetarians. Starter salad is always good too. And the lake view quite wonderful.

vegetarian at vida vättern

A few more hours drive, then home, sweet, sweet home...

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