Wednesday, July 21, 2010

walking the selected streets of berlin

shoe per diem july 20, 2010

Oh I had high hopes of a blog post of Berlin snaps every Berlin day. But the heat - bordering on 40 degrees C most days -

and walking, walking, walking (the very selected streets since such a vast, ginormous city would take years and years and then some to really explore, grasp and know) - walking which might or might not have includes shoe-shopping (oh for the love of German shoe sales, one does get a whole lot of El Naturalistas for the money...) -

the good food and drinks, the multitude of impressions, meets and thoughts they inspired left me quite exhausted every evening. To then do some active blogging was quite not on the agenda (but often on my mind).

Here follow now a couple of daily snap moments from the days that passed. When I get home and download the proper camera photos there will possibly be more Berlin in pictures. And when I've sorted out the swirling thoughts there will also be a post of random thoughts on Berlin natürlich.


Kea said...

That manhole cover seems to have an outline of the CN Tower (in Toronto) on it. That's a pretty neat-looking cover!

You must be having a wonderful time, in spite of the heat. :-)

Safe travelling!

heidikins said...

So lovely! Hooray for travleing!


Pia K said...

thank you, kea, yes, the tv/radio tower in berlin does look a lot like the toronto one. maybe twins?

thanks, heidikins, yes yes yes!

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