Sunday, July 18, 2010

vacation 2010

going on holiday-kit

I could, as I'm obviously fond of playing little guessing games, give hints on as where we are going for this year's summer trip, but then I find that this going-on-holiday-kit is the perfect symbol for a - if jaw pain can be willed away - fun-filled holiday. (Yes, now and then, despite proof of contrary, the M does give quite the perfect gift.)

Teddy suitcase obviously shows where we are going, with some stops here and there along the way. Returning to two of my favourite cities, one which I've had the opportunity to pop over to regularly, the other not seen for many years now. And to be able to finally return makes me so, so happy indeed.

And just because we happen to be on the road to somewhere exciting, burglars beware, no need to bother with this house because neighbours and in-house-sitters are fierce, loaf dog barks loudly and have awesome, strong jaws and a good bite, cats have the scariest of sharp claws and clever-teeth.

I plan to be online now and then when free Internet access allows, oh yes even blogging on-holiday, because it's neat to be able to share stuff in-the-moment, a snap here and there, some thoughts, some impressions, since shared fun is double fun, right?

~ Happy, happy holidays!


pärlbesatt said...

Oh vad jag är avis! Just Berlin har jag på sistone känt ett sug att få lära känna och särskilt ett bad med vackra ljusspel och musik under vattnet.

Grattis och ha det fantastiskt!

heidikins said...

So exciting! I can't wait to hear about it/see pictures!


P.K said...

Wishing you a happy holiday. I so look forward to seeing your Berlin photos. Have a safe trip.

Kea said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures and seeing some photos!

My dad spent a month in northern Italy, where his younger brother now lives with his third wife, back in April-May. They returned to their birth places in Germany, the first time they had been back together since they left after WWII. It was VERY interesting to see all the photos!

I think traveling vicariously through others is the only real traveling I'll ever be able to do, so I will enjoy your account of your holiday!

Pia K said...

pärlbesatt, tack, planerat sedan länge var det men jag kände mig väldigt glad ändå:)

thanks, heidikins, kea and p.k!

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