Sunday, July 11, 2010

the july weekend that was

rapeseed field sweden

We are experiencing the heatwaves of all heatwaves here at the moment, today touched on +35 degrees C. Be as such temperatures may when on holiday overseas or on the other side of the world, it is rather tough to cope with when in Sweden, it just seems very misplaced.

I like temperatures around +25 and I like me some rain now and then (and yes, please lots during nights to keep all these beautiful lush green Swedish summer landscape just that, green and happy). Just like life I like my weather to be a healthy mix of cloudy days, sunny clear blue skies and lots of raindrops to wash the drought and tired misery away.

What I don't like is to be that typically whining, weather-complaining Swede, but at the moment I kind of feel I am. Because when it is so hot your brain feels all mushy, the heat makes you quite literally melt, there's a constant lack of feeling fresh (as in cool and clean), the indoor temperatures make you melt even more and it's impossible to get some decent, well-resting sleep it is somehow quite difficult to keep a happy, perky, content and witty.

Can't even boost a healthy kind of tan since one can't really stand being in the sun too much.

Oh how I would love some summer rain to pour down.

That said, the past weekend did offer a few lovely summer moments, not as breezy and sweet as perfect would be, but still worth sharing (and hey the photos don't tell of this current smelting weather) ~

giant sugar cube heaven
there was one of my favourite sights,
fields filled with giant sugar cubes,
simple magic
måns-ols view
there was toy car trip
to one favourite place of eating,

sadly not very impressed by food this time,
a pity for the involved halloumi
which desperately cried for more veggies

summer cake and pies

there was summery birthday coffee,
cake and pies at a local waterhole
(more of later)
shoe per diem july 10, 2010
and there was shoe per diem and
time spent nearby glittering waters

there was beauty and it was simply
too hot for perfection

1 comment:

Kea said...

You have my sympathies on the hot weather. Here it's high 20s Celcius, with a humidex pushing the temperatures into the high 30s C. Too sticky for most of us, especially without air conditioning. And we're lucky; it's hotter in the Toronto area.

I enjoyed the photos, had to look twice at the "sugar cubes" to realize they were hay bales! :-)

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