Tuesday, July 27, 2010

short stop rügen ~ sellin and prora

cobblestone roads on rügen
Strange, quaint, old and rather uncomfortable roads on Rügen, many long winding cobblestone parkways...

Rügen, Germany's largest island, once upon a time a part of the Swedish kingdom, well-visited glitzy resort and holiday island in the summers as well as home of dark secrets from both the Nazi-era as well as the DDR-years.

station house rügen

There's most probably a lot of things to see and experience on Rügen - I'm quite sad I missed seeing at least one castle -, but as schedule was pretty tight and there was a ferry to catch in Sassnitz, we concentrated on two stops.

First fancy beach resort Sellin with its long pier (seabridge) which I didn't happen to snap with iPhone. So for now the fancy beach huts will have to do ~

sellin seaside

Oh how I love these types of beach huts! From a photographic point of view that is - it would have been amazing to be there when completely people-free... - I would definitely not be interested in spending my time at the beach so close up and personal with hoards of others... Yes, quite possibly there will be another post on Rügen beach huts only when the down-uploading of proper photos have been done.

beach huts sellin

Second stop, the rather (understatement of the century) unpleasant place of Prora, the so called Colossus of Rügen, originally 4,5 kilometres of multi-storey concrete buildings intended to be a Nazi seaside resort for 20 000 people. Now mostly dilapidated but an eerie reminder of what once was and what could have been. Possibly another post, more pictures, but for now, a few snaps caught the eeriness rather well ~


nazi project prora

nazi project prora

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