Friday, July 16, 2010

gadget dressed in pink


If and when one gets a gadget (necessary or not) it is quite important that it gets spruced and personalized in style. So even if I most seriously doubt I will ever be an iphoneic fanatic, the gadget is kind of neat.

And you can dress it in how much pink you'd ever want. And it does obviously need protection. And if it needs protection it might as well be cute, handmade and if possible affordable is a nice feature too. For such things I always look to Etsy.

So first the iPhone (which should get a name, I know) got a pink tartan - because things just don't get better than pink + tartan - hard cover. And then the hunt for a befitting sleeve begun. And boy, do they sell iPhone sleeves galore on Etsy... I ended up charmed by a vintage pink and white striped cotton and linen slip, padded with eco-friendly wadding.


It arrived sweet looking and with a faint scent of dried flowers. Unfortunately the inner sleeve itself is too small for holding the iPhone with its hard cover, so it has to rest in one of the outer pockets instead. Which leaves room, when necessary, for the charger in inner sleeve, so it works well anyway. It is a charming summer sleeve indeed. Found at polkadots & blooms, who has lotsa cute stuff in shop.


Then I could not resist - because who could really?! - this adorable squidgy squirrel felt iPhone cozy. It arrived looking cute beyond my expectations and phone with hard cover fitted most perfectly and snug inside. It will be a perfect winter sleeve companion.

Only one teeny problem though, it is so precious it could do with a protective sleeve on its very own. Found at
Xinwen, who has more felt cuties up her sleeve (oh a bit of pun intended).


P.K said...

Very stylish pink accessories!
Lucky you, going to Berlin!!!! I so want to go back! As for cafe suggestions, I hesitate, because it depends where you are in Berlin. I just chose a cafe at random, or I went with others, they were all good. A helpful site is It has a good listing of cafes and other things in Berlin that I found helpful. Cafe Einstein is a place I had intended to visit, but never made it. I was there for two weeks and did not see all that I had planned. Have a wonderful time.

Kea said...

You find the cutest, most adorable and creative things, Pia! I'm impressed.

Happy weekend to you; I hope it's a bit cooler!

Hawk and Weasel said...

Oh cute-o!

Heidi said...

Thanks so much for your feedback:-) The case was not made to cater for the protective casing, but it is a valid point that I will include it in the description!

xinwen said...

Thank you so much for including my squirrel iphone cover on your blog. They are very nice photo, also very kind sweet comment.i have just got back from Berlin yesterday and saw the blog for the first time, it was great suprise. i can't tell you how happy i am. thank you again!!! by the way, great blog. x

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